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Desmond Stephenson

The latest distributor to begin selling the LifeArt range is Eco Coffins Direct in the Northern Ireland.  Eco Coffins are based in Newry Northern Ireland and operate both as a wholesaler and a retailer.  Desmond Stephenson is their Managing Director and has become a strong advocate of LifeArt. Read More

Expo Success

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Valery Fultz Bayliff

In the lead up to the recent NFDA conference and Expo in Nashville, we launched a special offer which was promoted widely through social media and channels like Connected Director. The three offers proved to be very popular, with plenty of entries received to win our floor stock.

Valery Bayliff was the lucky winner on behalf of Bailiff & Son Funeral Home in Criderville, Ohio.

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Sneak peak at our new website

 We are officially launching phase 1 of our new website in early January. The change carries on from our branding update and better reflects the style and direction of the business. Phase 1 is focussed on the public facing website, carrying lots of information.

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Flat Pack

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Assembling a LifeArt is easy to follow

LifeArt has developed a flat-pack design which enables cost effective distribution, where traditional coffins and caskets are difficult to transport. The new design caters for both full and half-couch options.

The result allows larger quantity orders to be made easily available at lower freight cost.

The process for assembling them is straight forward and has now also been documented in an easy to follow video. We have included a link to view a shortened version, so you can see how simple it is to do.

The new design has not made any impact on the strength,water resistance or environmental advantages of the product.LifeArt maintains all its advantages which make it a complete solution for all families. Read More

LifeArt Executive Chairman to LifeArt President

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LifeArt Executive Chairman and CEO featured this week on the Connected Directors web-show with Ryan Thogmartin.  Take a look at the video and watch to the end for a special offer.

Hong Kong Seniors Fair

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Hong Kong will have the second largest ratio of retirees in Asia by 2050. According to a recent report there there will be 66 retirees for every 100 employees.  40% of the population will be over 65.  The Hong Kong Seniors Fair takes on extra significance with each year.  It is a chance to look at the issues and for businesses to display products and services.

Through our local distributor, Sage International, LifeArt is represented in the exhibition taking place from 1 July until 3 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We have posted some photos on our Facebook page.

A New Level Of Interest

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Abundant Life is a design created for China
where it is traditional to make and burn effigies of items of prosperity for the afterlife. Burning of effigies is now discouraged because of the environmental damages, so this design allows them to have items incorporated into it. LifeArt can produce a custom design to suit your needs.

LifeArt continues to expand its reach with new distribution channels opening in Asia, the US, Canada and we now have an entry point into Indonesia and Martinique.

The Sage International Group have become exclusive distributors of LifeArt in the People’s Republic of China (in the provinces of Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Hong Kong and Macau).  As a result we have also now been able to develop a new design specifically for the Chinese market around the world.

A number of containers of LifeArt has arrived and been sold throughout the United States, with the latest headed for Utah.  Read More

Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off

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Bill Connolly taking a closer look at LifeArt with an explanation from Executive Chairman & CEO Mike Grehan.

Comedian, Actor and Documentary maker Billy Connolly last month put his latest project to air in the UK on ITV.  Called the Big Send Off, this two part series begins with Billy declaring the reason behind doing a show on the funeral industry came about long before he was ill.  He was quick to say he is is doing well despite Parkinson’s and Prostrate Cancer.  In fact he is touring at the moment.

Billy attended the recent NFDA expo in the US where he interviewed LifeArt Executive Chairman and CEO, Mike Grehan.  Read More

Talk Of The Industry

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Head of North America Sales, Andy Brown with Executive Chairman & CEO Mike Grehan at the LifeArt display, ICCFA 2014

We recently participated in our first visit to the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) expo, which was held in Las Vegas.  We were introduced to a different audience to those who attend some of the other conferences.  We captured a lot of attention, because there is nothing else like LifeArt in the market.

As we are now actively distributing into the US, the level of engagement was heightened as we are rightly viewed as a serious player in the market.Read More

Design of the year

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Through 2013 on Facebook we shared with our ‘friends’ a Design of the Week.  On many occasions throughout the year the design reflected of what was in the news at the time.  We had many people contributing by utilising our design online tool to pull together something relevant to a particular issue.

star trekusa flagRead More

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