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Head of North America Sales, Andy Brown with Executive Chairman & CEO Mike Grehan at the LifeArt display, ICCFA 2014

We recently participated in our first visit to the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) expo, which was held in Las Vegas.  We were introduced to a different audience to those who attend some of the other conferences.  We captured a lot of attention, because there is nothing else like LifeArt in the market.

As we are now actively distributing into the US, the level of engagement was heightened as we are rightly viewed as a serious player in the market.Read More

Design of the year

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Through 2013 on Facebook we shared with our ‘friends’ a Design of the Week.  On many occasions throughout the year the design reflected of what was in the news at the time.  We had many people contributing by utilising our design online tool to pull together something relevant to a particular issue.

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Building momentum

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Andy Brown at CANA

We have just finished a successful exhibit at the Cremation Association of North America CANA) Symposium, held in Las Vegas.  The event focussed on embracing new ways to engage families and the community, including using social media (so don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter).  Combined with a discussion about the increasing number of cremations, it was perfect timing for LifeArt to position itself as part of this conversation.

According the Andy Brown, LifeArt Director Sales, North America “Although many of those attending had not seen LifeArt before, we were quickly recognised for the leadership role we have taken in personalising a service.”

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Taking a leadership role

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LifeArt Executive Chairman & CEO Mike Grehan

LifeArt’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Mike Grehan has been made an Ambassador of the Asia Funeral Expo organisation. Mike will be a keynote speaker at (AFE) to be held in Macau from 8 May.  With ‘sustainable development’ to be the main theme of the event, Mike was seen as a logical choice for this key role.

Mike says, “Being asked to fill the role of the Ambassador is a great honour.  It’s a sign of respect and recognition of the leadership role we have taken.  LifeArt has built a great reputation as an innovator, particularly in the area of ‘sustainable development’.

Last year the AFE attracted over 110 exhibitors from 17 countries, with over 2700 buyers, delegations, associations, officials and funeral professionals from 34 countries and regions attending, including 24 international groups.

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Factory first

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Getting packed

January saw the first shipment leaving our China factory in Guangdong Province (60 minutes from Hong Kong) headed for the United States.  It was a significant occasion, signalling an increase in LifeArt’s capacity to service global demand as well as enabling funeral homes and cremation societies in the US to begin offering our range to the public.

The initial container is currently being distributed to locations in Missouri, Illinois, Chicago and Texas.  The Cremation Society of Illinois and the Evergreen Casket Company are making LifeArt available to their network.  There is much anticipation about the availability in the US as many have watched the success we have had in Australia and spent time talking to us at various conferences around the world.

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Making Waves in the USA

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LifeArt is making its presence felt in the USA with orders now being processed following some significant achievements for the company.  The recent National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Expo held in Austin, Texas was a pivotal moment as we attracted a lot of positive attention from funeral homes and crossed paths with Billy Connolly.

In September LifeArt appointed Andy Brown as our Director of Sales for North America.  Andy immediately spent some time learning about the production process and touring our facilities.  Having a local contact in the USA is a benefit to us, but has also been widely well received by funeral directors around the country.  His knowledge of the local market is already proving invaluable and was on show at the NFDA Expo.

As we reported last issue, LifeArt was nominated for an Innovation Award for our Online Designer.  While we did not win, we received recognition for being the only foreign nomination, which in itself created extra interest in our Expo booth.  If you have not had a chance to play around with the Online Designer, you should do so, it’s ground breaking technology for the funeral industry.

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Reaching Out

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The loss of life is always tragic, but when it occurs on a large scale through natural disaster, you want to do everything you can to help the families of the victims.  Watching on as the reports on the devastation caused by Typhoon Hayian came through, we reached out to local contacts in the Philippines to offer our support.

We have been in contact with funeral industry representatives to firstly to let them know we were thinking of them and all those in their communities.  We also offered our assistance.  Subsequently eight caskets were sent free of charge to Cosmopolitan Funeral, one of the countries largest funeral service providers, to assist with their relief work.

abundant roses casket

Chairman and CEO, Mike Grehan says, “Working with local staff, we have chosen the White and Abundant Roses designs to send through, so families can have a chance to write on them.”

“We have built LifeArt around the idea that funerals can be personalised.  In a time of tragedy it is important we don’t forget the individuals and that we allow them to be remembered with meaning,” adds Mike.

Why can’t all caskets start a conversation from the heart?

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From our first custom coffin we have found that a custom coffin is the most talked about aspect of the funeral service.

Families and funeral professionals tell us that the personalised coffin starts conversations that reach far beyond the awkward “I am sorry about your loss”  that accompanies the use of a traditional coffin.

For the families the conversations begin before the funeral service. The process of selecting photos and creating the design means that families begin to recall the special times and personal moments.


Why aren’t all coffins enviromentally friendly?

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Don’t you find it strange that in a world concerned about the effects of emissions on the habitability of our planet we insist on using coffins that produce more emissions than the body that they hold?

Can you tell the difference between the low emission coffin in the picture and the high emission clunker you saw at the last funeral service?

Most people can’t tell the difference.  Research shows that most people want to be able to make the choice for the environment, especially if there is no disadvantage in appearance, quality or cost.  So why aren’t all coffins friendly to our environment?

Driving the change for cremation

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In virtually each country world wide cremation rates are increasing.  Some steadily, whilst other countries have significant growth
So what is creating this change- key factors are cited as
  • The shortage of land in the world’s major cities is driving up land prices and hence the cost of burials.  This makes the financial decision easy for many people: they simply cannot afford the higher cost of burial.
  • Changes in religious views are reflecting the underlying economic and ecological reality
  • Changes in social structure of families and communities mean that there is less demand  for permanent monuments to visit
  • Environmental consciousness is increasing for all life’s choices and products
  • Emission regulations are increasing and more demanding
  • Government mandating of cremation is increasing in highly populated areas
  • Aesthetic improvements and increased services in cremation facilities

What do you believe is driving the change?

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