Do recycled materials offer genuine benefits to the environment?

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A recurring debate in waste and resources management is the extent to which the recycling of materials offers genuine benefits to the environment. Critics assert that the act of recycling have little or no benefit to the environment, suggesting that more energy may be used in getting materials to the recycling facility than is saved by the process of recycling.

As LifeArt products are made from recycled fibre this is a debate we are passionate about discussing and referencing leading research.  One such report is that from  WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme: UK)

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Welcome to The LifeArt Way blog

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by Anthony Perl

Welcome to the LifeArt blog.  We are keen to share our thoughts with you,  and hear your views and experience.  The funeral industry is under radical change as families express a need for more personalised funerals.  It is imperative that every industry focusses on environmental practices that minimise its impact on our planet.

I am sure there will be a lot of news and ideas to share, and we will look forward to your opinions.

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