Design of the year

Design of the year

Through 2013 on Facebook we shared with our ‘friends’ a Design of the Week.  On many occasions throughout the year the design reflected of what was in the news at the time.  We had many people contributing by utilising our design online tool to pull together something relevant to a particular issue.

star trekusa flag

cory monteith

It was also an opportunity for everyone to see new additions to the range being created as we entered markets in Asia.

Ultimately though the design of the year was the one which was clearly our most popular when talking to people in the industry and through feedback from families.

Majestic Pandas

abundant roses

‘Abundant Roses’ is a beautiful example of something which symbolises the love and special qualities of a life lost.  It reflects the need to look at something more than a plain wooden box at a funeral.  It appeals to so many to have something beautiful as the centrepiece of a service, because everyone’s life journey is beautiful in its own way.

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Published on: 02/18/2014
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