Driving the change for cremation

Driving the change for cremation

In virtually each country world wide cremation rates are increasing.  Some steadily, whilst other countries have significant growth
So what is creating this change- key factors are cited as
  • The shortage of land in the world’s major cities is driving up land prices and hence the cost of burials.  This makes the financial decision easy for many people: they simply cannot afford the higher cost of burial.
  • Changes in religious views are reflecting the underlying economic and ecological reality
  • Changes in social structure of families and communities mean that there is less demand  for permanent monuments to visit
  • Environmental consciousness is increasing for all life’s choices and products
  • Emission regulations are increasing and more demanding
  • Government mandating of cremation is increasing in highly populated areas
  • Aesthetic improvements and increased services in cremation facilities

What do you believe is driving the change?

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Published on: 09/12/2013
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