Expo Success

Expo Success


Valery Fultz Bayliff

In the lead up to the recent NFDA conference and Expo in Nashville, we launched a special offer which was promoted widely through social media and channels like Connected Director. The three offers proved to be very popular, with plenty of entries received to win our floor stock.

Valery Bayliff was the lucky winner on behalf of Bailiff & Son Funeral Home in Criderville, Ohio.

The first of Valery’s winnings was sold to a family within hours, as we made sure the delivery was fast tracked to her.

The experience of Valery was being echoed all over as we received feedback during and after the Expo about how once funeral locations start offering the range, they become in demand.

While LifeArt has attended the NFDA event on several occasions, there was clearly a shift in 2014, with the industry beginning to recognise the importance of having a personalized environmentally friendly option to offer.




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Published on: 03/05/2015
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