Making Waves in the USA

Making Waves in the USA

LifeArt is making its presence felt in the USA with orders now being processed following some significant achievements for the company.  The recent National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Expo held in Austin, Texas was a pivotal moment as we attracted a lot of positive attention from funeral homes and crossed paths with Billy Connolly.

In September LifeArt appointed Andy Brown as our Director of Sales for North America.  Andy immediately spent some time learning about the production process and touring our facilities.  Having a local contact in the USA is a benefit to us, but has also been widely well received by funeral directors around the country.  His knowledge of the local market is already proving invaluable and was on show at the NFDA Expo.

As we reported last issue, LifeArt was nominated for an Innovation Award for our Online Designer.  While we did not win, we received recognition for being the only foreign nomination, which in itself created extra interest in our Expo booth.  If you have not had a chance to play around with the Online Designer, you should do so, it’s ground breaking technology for the funeral industry.


Our unique display caught the eye of many at the Expo, but the highlight was our Executive Chairman and CEO, Mike Grehan being interviewed by the legendary Comedian / Actor / Documentary film maker Billy Connolly.  He was genuinely taken by all that LifeArt has to offer.  We’ll bring you news in the future about his latest documentary that hopefully will see us play a role.

Following on from the Expo we have seen a number of orders being placed in the USA.  But the result of this new surge in attention was not restricted to the USA, with Canada and South America among other countries now expressing an interest in placing orders.

The feedback we received during the Expo was extremely positive.  There is clearly a lot of interest in our alternative offering to traditional caskets.  The LifeArt brand resonated well with its positive environmental message, its beautiful range of personalised design options, the practicality of being able to easily handle and display the caskets not to mention its extremely competitive pricing.

We are now in the fantastic position of being able to fill orders from two key production facilities in Australia and China.

View Photo Album: Bill Connolly and Mike to see more photos of Billy Connolly and our booth at the NFDA Expo.

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Published on: 11/21/2013
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