Our Philosophy

Where ever we live, whatever our beliefs, the death of a loved one affects us all. In these times of evolving traditions and environmental consciousness, families are seeking new ways to honor and say farewell to loved ones. Every day families inspire us, they tell us we have made a difference.We’ve learnt selecting a coffin or casket is the least favoured decision.LifeArt changes that experience.From all our families conversations we know we are on the right journey with LifeArt, providing something that is memorable and personal.With this in mind, we design our caskets to suit the local rites and traditions in each market we serve. The wide choice of beautiful finishes means there is an en√iroboard™ coffin or casket for everyone.

Our unique globally patented technology means our coffins and caskets are fully functional and can be equally utilized for cremation or burial.

Our product allows Funeral Businesses and consumers the option to fully customize their coffin or casket or choose from our range of contemporary designs or traditional wood finishes.

With over ten years experience, extensive testing in functionality and environmental impacts, a wide choice of images and a design service to cater for personalized options, LifeArt has set the world benchmark for coffins and caskets.


LifeArt fosters relationships and innovation in the funeral industry through:


Conducting research with Governmental Health Departments, Funeral Industry Operators and Associations as well as Consumer Groups and Consumers to better understand their expectations and needs of handling the deceased as well as coffin and casket products.

Global Standards

Advocating and contributing to the establishment of coffin and casket standards worldwide.

Independent Testing

Undertaking with LifeArt product, Environmental Management Crematoria testing as well as European Cremation Standards testing and burial testing.


The LifeArt manufacturing processes and ultimately the LifeArt product are driven by working in an environmentally sustainable way. From our en√iroboard™ material (made from recycled wood fibre), environmental inks and glues, recycled packaging materials through to our clean technology factory and recycling of any production waste, we continually strive to bring advances in our technology and material choices that will have the least impact on our enviroment.

En√iroboard™ represents the best technology for lightness and strength. Manufactured to exclusive specifications for LifeArt, en√iroboard™ has superior cremation performance which meets the stringent industry regulations.

It produces 60% fewer emissions than coffins or caskets made from MDF or particleboard. It’s high crush strength, flexural strength, moisture resistance and burning characteristics are ideally suited to the functional requirements of the funeral industry.

At LifeArt we believe the environment can be assisted by every person in their ultimate choice by embracing products that provide better results for the earth’s limited resources.

Enviroboard Product Information

Manufactured from recycled materials to LifeArt’s specifications, the En√iroboard™ material has high crush strength, flexural strength, moisture resistance and burning characteristics that ensure we are a superior product for cremation performance.

Factory Visit

We welcome funeral operators and funeral associations, environmental groups, consumer groups, as well as media and press to visit our factories.

Please contact us to make arrangements.







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