Together we care.



Quality - We ensure consistently high standards throughout our products and processes.

Environmental sustainability - We are forever working to reduce our carbon footprint, and have a zero waste target.

Local partnering - We seek out like-minded innovative industry leaders and innovators.

Affordable - We believe in making environmentally-friendly products available to all sections of society.

Universally accepted - We celebrate diversity and offer products to all cultures or religions.

Global - As the first international coffin brand, we will only solve the eco-crisis by acting globally.


LifeArt is a world-leading, innovative team developing funeral products including coffins and caskets. Our products are:

Traditional - select from our wide range of Heritage Timber coffins and caskets secure in the knowledge that you are respecting:

  • Your loved one; and
  • The planet.

Personalisable - web-to-print technology allows families to design, create and share their loved one’s coffin online using:

  • A preformatted design catalogue; or
  • A blank canvas to capture the personality and unique nature of a loved one.

Environmental - LifeArt’s coffins and caskets are safer for the environment as up to:

  • Emit up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions when cremated; and*
  • Use up to 80% fewer trees.**

Affordable - priced to ensure all families can afford a LifeArt coffin.

Lightweight - LifeArt coffins and caskets weigh only 10.5kg, making them up to 25kg lighter than chipboard or MDF coffins and easier to handle.


Sustainability starts at source. That’s why we only work with suppliers who share our eco-values.

All our partners provide auditable data and information about their sourcing, manufacturing and other processes.

By creating a network of genuinely sustainable suppliers, LifeArt and its partner companies will be in a position of strength as inevitable legislation is introduced, requiring industry to take better care of the planet.


LifeArt conducts independent cremation emissions testing on our products.

Tests have taken place at and in conjunction with independent crematoria around the world and provide robust data, which has been independently verified by third-party professional environmental consultants.

Our most recent tests in the UK confirmed that LifeArt coffins and caskets produce up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than chipboard or MDF coffins.*

Data for timber usage in chipboard and MDF production has also been compared to data for timber used in the manufacture of En√iroboard. LifeArt coffins require between 55% and 80% fewer trees than chipboard or MDF coffins.**

* Based on a full life cycle analysis including emissions from cremation, expressed as kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per coffin. Cremation tests comparing empty coffins of chipboard/MDF with LifeArt coffins were replicated 6 times.

** Between 55% and 80% fewer trees are used to produce a LifeArt coffin compared to veneered coffins made from chipboard or MDF.

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