Will the funeral sector make 2020 the year of climate action?

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If 2019 was the year of climate awareness, then it follows that 2020 could be the year of climate action.

That’s the hope of many, including the UK Government’s independent advisors at the Committee on Climate Change, which this week wrote to newly re-elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to go further to protect the planet.

The letter sets out a series of recommendations for buildings, transport and industry, to name but a few areas of life. It also reminds the Government that the UK’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis have so far “fallen short”. The same is true of many other nations.

At LifeArt, we hope the Committee’s letter is read by members of the funeral profession in the UK.

Our sector must do its bit, particularly as we now have a range of solutions to reduce our carbon footprints and, importantly, help bereaved families reduce loved ones’ final footprints.

For instance, hybrid or electric hearses and limousines are coming on stream and those who are in the process of renewing their fleets should look at low emission vehicles, to help create demand and drive the market in a sustainable direction.

There are also green energy suppliers who can power your funeral home. This is perhaps one of the easiest steps anyone can take to prevent climate change that doesn’t actually involve behaviour change.

And then there are coffins and caskets. We’ve developed a robust and high-quality alternative to chipboard or MDF coffins that families and funeral directors can rely on.

We’re demonstrating that it is possible to meet the need for traditional timber effect coffins and caskets whilst reducing their burden on the climate, air and, forests.

Independently verified tests show that LifeArt coffins cut greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by up to 87% compared to chipboard or MDF and require up to 80% fewer trees to make.

Indeed, if the UK switched to LifeArt coffins for all cremations, it would be the equivalent of removing 110,000 cars from the nation’s roads, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and cleaning up our dirty air.

In December 2020, the UK will host COP26, a critical international summit that will determine the global response to the climate emergency.

As a result, there are sure to be growing demands for the UK to show leadership on this issue, along with scrutiny of British business’ climate performance. Is the funeral sector doing enough?

At LifeArt, we’re heeding the Committee on Climate Change’s advice. We could help your funeral business and the families you serve do the same.

Contact us today to find out how.

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Thursday, 9 January 2020
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