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LifeArt’s story begins in Sydney Australia with a pair of visionary entrepreneurs and a van.

Amid growing concerns about the eco-impact of funerals, LifeArt’s founders Eckhard Kemmerer and Natalie Verdon set about developing coffins that emitted significantly less damaging pollutants during cremation.

At first, their mission seemed impossible.

But thanks to a savvy approach to marketing - Eck would leave the delivery van, festooned with advertising boards and a tray of business cards, parked at Bondi beach - the business has steadily developed an impressive global footprint.

LifeArt really began to take off when they met InvoCare Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer Mike Grehan, who spotted the potential for major positive change through Eck’s and Natalie’s more environmentally-friendly low-emission coffins and caskets.

Mike now finds himself as LifeArt International’s Executive Chairman and is credited with guiding the business through a period of growth into new markets, including the UK, where tradition and choice are king.

Since launching in England in 2018, LifeArt has developed a robust, precision fibreboard coffin which produces significantly less harmful emissions during cremation than MDF and particleboard equivalents.

Uniquely, LifeArt coffins and caskets come in a range of styles - Heritage Timber, Collections, Life’s Canvas and Earthcare - all of which are geared to provide families with choice and quality.

Indeed, the Heritage Timber range makes the combination of a traditional wood finish and environmentally friendly possible, whilst the Collections, Life’s Canvas and Earthcare ranges provide funeral director clients with an opportunity to reflect and celebrate their loved one’s personality.

All of this means LifeArt is sticking to its founding mission of reducing the environmental impact of cremation with high-quality products centred around families’ needs.

And with the climate emergency escalating, more and more bereaved people want to know how they can reduce their final footprint for the benefit of future generations.

One way is to choose a LifeArt coffin or casket.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019
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