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When we talk about LifeArt coffins or caskets, it’s often in the context of cremation funerals.

Compared to MDF or chipboard, emissions from one of our Enviroboard coffins are up to 87% lower and they require up to 80% fewer trees to make.

But what are the benefits of a LifeArt coffin or casket when it comes to burial funerals?

You’ll perhaps not be surprised to learn that something which has a lighter impact on the atmosphere when cremated, is also gentler on soil when buried.

Soil health has become a big issue in recent years, thanks to growing awareness about its importance to the biosphere.

Polluted or over-farmed soil can have negative impacts on human health through food contamination.

Coffins or caskets made from MDF or chipboard not only emit significant pollution when cremated but also have a negative impact on soil health too when buried.

Many natural burial ground owners will tell you about the importance of keeping substances like formaldehyde and plastics out of the ground. Furthermore, MDF and chipboard coffins or caskets take a long time to biodegrade - we’re talking decades.

It’s with good reason that many of these sites won’t accept MDF or chipboard coffins or caskets.

LifeArt coffins and caskets, on the other hand, biodegrade quickly and will become part of the earth without polluting it.

Gardening experts regularly use cardboard in compost bins and on ornamental and vegetable beds. It creates balance in the soil when mixed with green organic matter.

We’re cleaner when it comes to handles too. Naturally, whilst choice is always a matter for families, we promote the use of wooden handles over single use plastic (brass effect) ones, as they too biodegrade, where as plastic handles remain in the soil for hundreds of years.

So, if you want a coffin that is better for the soil as well as the atmosphere, choose LifeArt.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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