Lighter coffins could help your funeral business reduce workplace injuries

Coffins - Health & Safety

Accidents in the workplace are a serious issue at a personal level and a corporate one. They not only affect a person’s ability to provide for their family, but also can put a spanner in the works of any smooth-running business.

Globally, 313 million - or almost the equivalent of the population of the United States - takes sick leave each year due to accidents at work, according to the International Labour Organization.

The combined annual cost to the international economy of accidents and work-related illnesses exceeds a staggering $3 trillion*.

In funeral homes, one of the obvious activities where an injury might occur is the coffin store.

Coffins made of chipboard weigh on average 35 KGs and at more 6ft long are difficult objects to move - it should really be a two-person job. But during busy times, staff might find themselves working alone and tempted to move coffins without the assistance of a colleague.

By comparison, LifeArt coffins made of Enviroboard are only a third of the weight of a wooden coffin. At around 10.5 KGs, a lone worker can easily lift and move a LifeArt coffin, significantly reducing the risk of someone getting hurt.

For businesses, this means protecting the health of employees but also avoiding the disruption of staff having to take time off due to injury. Not to mention the possibility of compensation claims.

Working with LifeArt means that funeral directors have one less thing to worry about, thanks to our lightweight yet robust and high-quality coffins.

One of our partners is Lincolnshire Co-op. They have this to say: “LifeArt coffins have significant health and safety benefits as they are considerably lighter than veneered coffins. They have the potential to reduce work-related injuries and the decrease in coffin weight has been extremely well received by our colleagues.”

In addition to being lightweight, LifeArt coffins are much kinder to the environment than veneered chipboard coffins.

During cremation, a LifeArt coffin produces up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than a comparable chipboard coffin and our manufacturing processes mean up to 80% fewer trees are used.

What’s more, our wide range ensures families can choose a traditional wood effect coffin or a personalised product, in order to create a perfect tribute to a loved one.

There are lots of reasons to choose LifeArt. Get in touch today to find out more.


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