Pughs Funeral Directors drives impressive growth in green coffins

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An increasing number of funeral businesses, large and small, are choosing to work with LifeArt to reduce the environmental impact of saying goodbye to a loved one.

One of LifeArt’s newest partners in the UK is Pughs Funeral Directors, of Shrewsbury.

Led by Director Ian McDougall (pictured), the historic family business has served the people of Shropshire’s county town for more than 125 years.

Ian is an impressive business leader who has spotted an opportunity to offer families robust, high quality traditional and personalisable coffins whilst caring for the planet.

Pughs Funeral Directors began working with LifeArt in June this year and in a very short time has seen a significant switch away from chipboard coffins amongst the families it serves.

Ian said: “For many people who come to us, there’s a need for simplicity, tradition and affordability but without any compromise on quality. LifeArt’s coffins help us to do that and it’s nice to know that at the same time they’re much better for the environment. Everybody is starting to realise that we need to do our bit.”

From a standing start this summer, around a quarter of Pughs Funeral Directors’ funerals now use a LifeArt coffin.

And with LifeArt coffins emitting up to 87% less greenhouse gases and air pollution than chipboard or MDF coffins, this equates to an impressive reduction in the environmental impact of funerals in Shrewsbury.

Commenting on the partnership, Mike Grehan, International Executive Chairman of LifeArt, says Ian’s insight into bereaved families’ requirements has created an opportunity to enhance funerals.

“We’re incredibly impressed by Ian and his team and love working with Pughs. From our first conversation, there was a need to deliver a product that looked good, was high quality and durable. We’ve been able to do that for them and establish a brilliant relationship,” he said, adding: “But it goes beyond coffins or caskets. Our reliable just-in-time delivery system means funeral directors don’t have to tie up valuable space storing coffins. This creates a whole host of new opportunities for their business, such as increased capacity or a coffin showroom feature.”

If you would like to know more about the benefits of offering LifeArt coffins and caskets to families in your care, contact us today here.

In addition to superior environmental performance, our coffins weight just 10.5KG, making them around two thirds lighter than chipboard or MDF coffins and significantly reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

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Monday, 11 November 2019
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